Bravo!My Hero
Top 4 tips to pay attention to the novice

"Bravo ! My Hero" as a new card game, playing and welfare are pretty good, , I played for a week, getting a little bit of experience, to share with you,to help play the new server guys as soon as possible to master the game, become an elite.

1. Character selection

It will make you choose male and female in the early days, and the skills of the male and female are nearly same and they are both warrior. It can be chosen according to the lineup that you like.

2. Access to diamonds

The game welfare are very good. In addition to collecting lots of diamonds from events, each normal dungeon can get 50 diamonds. After 60 dungeons, there are a lot of diamonds for every 10 passes to 500 diamonds. But the first diamond should not take ten summoning or even buy things first. Firstly we will finish the event of the fortune cat. V1 can get 5 chance, and the last one needs 7000 diamonds. If we don't use diamonds before, we can achieve the first day based on customs clearance.

3. Summoning

Summoning can get many heroes. Specific heroes can be viewed in preview. If you are lucky, you can summon powerful heroes, and build the foundation for later lineup.

4. daily discounts

The first of the daily discounts is generally easier to buy, but the second limited purchases need to make panic purchasing. Game is at 5:00 in the morning to refresh,you guys better get up early to see if there is cost-effective, such as the needing hero fragments, stamina, etc.. I missed my stamina and fragments,so regretful .