Bravo!My Hero
Beginner Tips

Here's a quick tip for you to be up to Bravo!My Hero!

Previous Battle Tips:

Most player upgrade the Tank to full, this monster is hard to push the front , and the rear can pressure output character skills at this point is very important, I need to rushing to get skills, so be sure to pay attention to HP of the Tank, ensure that the front but not when you have Artemis,which can also heal HP, so that it will be more easily.

I couldn't move first under the condition of the current phase of the battle to complete the daily routine, gain experience to upgrade, and to upgrade the hero, order, the use of equipment to strengthen to the highest, emphasize on hero; If you can't push it(Battle), you can upgrade the heroes, collect the pieces of the characters or equip them, and improve the power points.

When you get to Lv-5, you can fight automatically.

Battle Skills Tips:

Saving skills: when you encounter a powerful Boss which can not break down, you will need to accumulate skills, don't release your skills, saving to the third stage to the Boss at the same time release the five skills of the hero, will the Boss beat well.

Breaking skills: the main character's black hole skills have the ability to interrupt other skills, and when the other person releases a powerful kill, you can release the interrupt skills,suck as black hole,to interrupt the other person to avoid damage from the enemy's skills.

About Stamina:

Stamina for free: 12:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00, 21:00-23:00;

At the same time, the Stamina will be answered 1 point every 5 minutes, calculate the time of daily return full of Stamina, when the Stamina overflow, had better use up quickly, otherwise will not have automatic reply.