Bravo!My Hero
Build the Strongest Team

“Host+4 other Heroes” is the regular team pattern in BRAVO!MY HERO. There are 5 different roles: Warrior, Assassin, Mage,Support, Archer. Different INSTANCE ZONES need different team-group to fight. As an ordinary player, how to build your strongest team? Tips below are ready for you.

Balance Profession

Double Tank, best SURPPORT for ordinary players—Artemis, high penetration---Loki, the team core( First Recharge to obtain), high dodge---Zanis, Thrilling ARCHER----River Song, interrupt boss. In all, you can use this team in most INSTANCE Zones

High defense with Double Surpport

This kind of team is not very common, but it’s useful in Homeland Guardian. Host, Loki and Mulan are terribly mighty TANK. Mulan has stiff shield; Loki possesses both high attack and defense; Host is super-powerful at post-period. However, this group is not suggested in Arena, since the team is weak in attacking back row.

High defense with four Warriors

This group is very common and it’s could be used in HOMELAND GUARDIAN and plot INSTANCE.

Speedy Killers

Host+Loki+Zanis+River Song+ Mulan
3 WARRIORS stand at front-row to have a quick fight. Whereas this way also takes risk. If Loki and Zanis are sieged at beginning, team blood would be delpleted.

All heroes above are easy to obtain, so they are more suitable for ordinary palyers. If you have some other good way to build a team, just share!Lol.