Bravo!My Hero

It’s very important to have a beginning in everything, so that in BRAVO! MY HERO. At the very beginning, the quantity of diamonds is extremely vital. TASK is a key to improve your level. Thus you must finish TASK everyday, so that your levels will upgrade quickly.

Arena, another way to obtain diamonds in real time. You must get a good position in ARENA at beginning, or it’s hard to get good rank at post-period

Stamina is precious.(Notice: Don’t use all of your stamina to equipment). Stamina should be used for levels which you can get 3 stars. So that you can follow up others. As for heroes, if you don’t want to cost money for the game, try to obtain all gift package and free diamonds and don’t pay too much for Heroes Summon.

1.Lucy has made a list for diamond:
2.Server Opening Carnival;
3.Get ranking reward and win Napoleon
4.Collecting Rewards;
5.Fortune Cat
6.First recharge & win Loki
7.Log-in Rewards
8.On-line Rewards
9.Level-up Rewards
10.Growth Foundation
11.Sign-up Rewards
12.Daily Task
13.Achievements Task