Bravo!My Hero
Emancipate your hands and Enjoy the fight!

The full platform of super space-time war "Bravo ! My hero" is released, and the heroes of history and mythology call and cross to save the earth in 2077. The player can take part in the battle to save the earth by taking advantage of the daily fragmentation and choosing five heroes including the player's role.

Emancipate your hands and relax

"Bravo ! My hero" takes full account of the balance between work and entertainment of modern players, and tries to satisfy them so that players can make full use of fragmented time to enjoy fighting fun. "Bravo ! My hero" not only set a number of easy playing system, on the basis of "raid" play, at the same time open automatic combat function. Let the player touch several points at the fingertips and fight easily and happily.

Release Ult, ready for war

"Bravo ! My hero" greatly reduces the burden of the game, all game players liberated the hands through the automatic combat function, at the same time you can according to the actual situation of Battlefield, intelligently release Heroes ult skills, let players enjoy game. Of course, players can also be involved in fighting at any time. Even in the automatic process of fighting game player, also can flexibly control the host hero moving, release the ult skills anytime. Automatic combat + manual assistance, allowing players to enjoy the pleasure of relaxation at any time!

Being attacked reacted vividly

"Bravo ! My hero" has been introduced into the popular way of "be attacked" from the PC game. Every attack of heroic role can be reflected in the body and facial expression. When the attacked object is attacked, the hero's role will show short-time vertigo, falling down, and being hit and fly. It shows the real battle scenes in real battle. "Be attacked" let each attack reacted vividly, "Bravo ! My hero" will lead Mobile Games circles on further.