Bravo!My Hero
Bravo ! My Hero

"Bravo! My Hero" will be officially released at 5:00 a.m. in January 22th(UTC-4). As a heavyweight mobile game, Bravo! My Hero broke the stereotype of historical figures and mythical figures, and turn them to become superheroes,to save our future world.

Figure painting exposure, the classic images full subvert

To mention the great men of history and the God in the mythology, the scene of the full screen of the smoke of gunpowder and the fighting of the gods. In the "Bravo! My Hero", we breakthrough boldly in the original style, character design not only retains the original classic heroes in the representation of special moves, innovation and subversion of the traditional design,change the muscle guy to the embodiment of the Cute three-head size body and adorable styling, beauty turns a powerful goddess. To weaken the phenomenon of the strained fighting and make the player complete the great mission of saving the earth in a piece of laughter.

The epic heroes gather and punchline are no less  less than Marvel

In recent years, with the popular movie such as The Avenger, Iron man, and The captain American almost become the pronoun of superhero, and constantly ignite the super hero dream of people. "Bravo! My Hero" background is set in the future in 2077, due to the earth by the alien invasion, Marvel Super Heroes are dead, Institute in emergency called of outstanding figures of history and mythology, and enable them to become the two-dimensional space hero, established alliance to resist the alien BOSS, staged “universe battle".

Five heroes are teaming up, you're not alone in fighting

In the game, the player can settle five heroes in the team at the same time. All the heroes are divided into warrior, assassin, archer, division and support.Choosing different types of heroes, developing the gear, challenge your strategy. In order to successfully defeat the BOSS. The best way is cultivate the best offensive and defensive hero to team up surely. However, as the saying goes "Every hero fails to pull through beauty pass", if the game player who love Lolita Sylph, the moon goddess Artemis, uniform-temptation beauty Juliet, or sexy and bloody Siren, those kind of beauty heroes may not necessarily be so smoothly go through the dungeon. In a word, multiple hero collocations are settled by your intrest.

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